Twirling Keepsakes

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National Champs Charm

Baton twirlers national champs charm from American Baton

Plastic Whistle

American Baton's plastic whistles for baton twirlers

Quix Stix

This twirling keepsake can be played alone or with a friend


This septor is a great twirling keepsake from American Baton

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

This keepsake would make a great gift for any baton twirler

Tiny Gold Plastic Trophys

Baton twirling tiny gold plastic trophy's for all occasions

Twirlers Towel

American Baton's white terry cloth baton twirlers towel ALSO BLUE TWIRLERS TOWEL IS ALS...

Twirling Oscar

The baton twirling Oscar is a great keepsake