Mini-Major & Major Batons

We are currently not taking Major Pro orders online. Please call 608-754-2238 for exceptions. Mini Pros are available to ship at this time. The best balanced and twirlable ABC batons.
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The sensational ABC Mini Major Convertible 3/8" and Major Convertible 7/16" have long reigned among the finest, strongest, best-balanced, most twirlable ABC Batons. These space-age precision instruments helped change the shape of contest twirling batons to meet the demands of champion twirlers. Their superb "feel" and "twirlability" are the result of combined scientific and twirling know how.

Years back, the sensational Mini Major and Major helped revolutionize the shape of twirling batons with advance styling. These are precision twirling instruments with outstanding twirlability designed to meet the demands of today's champion twirlers. "Color halos" to match uniforms or school colors are also available.

Mini Major Convertible 3/8" lengths range from 12" to 30".
Major Convertible 7/16" lengths range from 15" to 30".

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