These colorful certificates are just what's needed to reward those hard working baton twirlers or teachers
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Each of the colorful certificates is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Each is distinctive with a different color border. $.15 each.

#7625 Certificate of Participation
With green border. An ideal commercial tool for contest directors.

#7633 Award Certificate for Baton Contest
With gold border. Can be used instead of medals at contests - and for local events.

#7641 Certificate of Advancement
With light blue background and dark blue border. Gold foil around logo. To recognize graduation to advanced division in all categories of competition.

#7658 Certificate of Advancement from Novice to Beginner
With green border.

#7666 Certificate of Advancement from Beginner to Intermediate
With gold border.

#7674 First Contest Certificate
With red border.

#7682 Member of the Twirling Team
With brown border.

#7690 Member of the Corps
With brown border.

#7708 Special Salute For All Occasions
With gold border.

#1792 Certificate of Merit
With brown border.

#7716 Certificate of Attendance
With brown border.

#7724 Certificate of Recognition
With brown border.

#7732 Certificate of Appreciation
With brown border.

Note: You'll need to write over the "19__" with the current year. That is why we can reduce the price to only $.15 each.

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