Award Batons

This is a Limited Edition model.
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The ABC AWARD BATON is a Limited Edition model. Once sold out, we do not intend to make anymore. AWARD BATON is intended to be a baton center piece, an ideal award, the perfect twirling gift!

Treasure it and enjoy the attention! You'll find it has the same precision twirl-ability as the pace setting ABC Major Convertible. It's great for rolls.

Caution: The On-Shaft Deco of the AWARD BATON is not guaranteed, so avoid scraping or chipping. Save it for those special apperances - or keepsake.

You'll find the position of the On-Shaft deco serves as "Precision Indicators."

Four Distinctive Models
Order Numbers


#155 - Miss Liberty
#165 - American Spirit
#175 - USA Twirler
#185 - Patriot

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