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Light Stick Batons (299-6999)

The colorful LIGHT STICK BATON is sensational for those special show performances. Each baton holds two 6" LIGHT STICKS - which must be ordered separately. The lightsticks will instantly glow, without heat. Lightsticks have no batteries, no bulb, no flame and are waterproof. Scientists call it :"Chemiluminescene Reaction." In short, it converts chemical enegy directly into light without electrical input. In laymans language, LIGHTSTICKS give off heatless light from chemical reaction. Each stick contains two liquids sealed inside a plastic tube. One is isolated in a glass capsule that floats in the second. When the stick is bent in a flexing manner, the glass breaks and the liquids mix to produce light. Even a small child can bend the plastic stick. LIGHTSTICKS can be used only once, and then replaced.

(measurement includes two lightsticks)
22", 24", 26", 28", 30"


Order Lightsticks Separately:
$3.80 pair
#1289 - Green
#922 - Blue
#984 - Red
#4655 - Yellow
#4846 - Orange
#6999 - Pink
#956 - Purple

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Light Stick Batons

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